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About Us:

For over 65 years, Vincent Auto has been servicing the island of Montreal. From humble beginnings as a taxi stand to one of the oldest automotive recycling facilities on the island of Montreal, we are ready to assist you with your automotive needs.


We are also a member of "Intercom Direct Inc."


At Vincent Auto, we offer the option to purchase new, used or rebuilt parts to repair your car. Installation is available at our body shop for all auto body parts purchased.


We will also purchase your cars and/or light trucks in any state or condition.


Our body shop offers insurance repairs and personalized repairs, we are the team for all your automotive needs.  From sprucing up a paint job to fully repairing your collisioned car. 

Centre de l'Auto Vincent Inc.

117 avenue Vincent, Lachine (Ville St. Pierre), QC, H8R 1H8


Where to find car parts or scrap your old car!

Written by John Symon of the West End Times


In this age when many people are hanging onto their vehicles for longer periods, how can readers keep down the cost of vehicle ownership?  The answer is probably waiting at Centre de l'Auto Vincent, in the former Ville St. Pierre.  Vincent is a friendly, family-owned business that will help you find inexpensive used car parts.  Although most of their business is wholesale – that is selling to garages – Vincent also retails to individuals.  And they buy old cars for scrap.


"We sell Honda wiper pivots for $75 here versus about $300 at the dealer's," co-owner Ron Vincent gives as one example.  "We also sell good used tires for $35 each where the same tires new cost $135 each.  We also have very good prices on parts such as doors, windows, hoods, lights, bumpers, tires and mechanical pieces.  Customers can save a lot of money on some car parts here."


But Vincent also recommends that customers start by calling the dealer to find out what prices are for new parts.  "Sometimes the dealer sells new parts at about the same price that we sell for used."  He also notes that installation of some parts is becoming complicated and customers might need to check with dealers for instructions.


Vincent has fairly extensive parts availability on both American and foreign built vehicles, especially for popular models between about five and ten years old.  He guesses that his inventory numbers well up in the thousands of items, stored either in his 12,000 square foot warehouse or 5,000 square foot adjoining hangar.  "But I can't always guarantee having a particular piece in stock.  I can't just pick up the telephone and order more parts; I have to wait until customers come in to sell me their used vehicles.  And I don't buy loose parts, only complete vehicles."


Customers wanting to sell used vehicles can currently expect about 9 cents a pound, which is fairly high.  "We usually pay between $100 and $300 cash for most vehicles and do the paperwork so customers can then de-register their car with the SAAQ (licence bureau).  We can also pick-up cars with our tow truck to bring them here, but generally only pay $75 to $250 in such instances."  Vincent has facilities for partially crushing vehicles for shipment to a nearby metal recycling plant.


Customers scrapping vehicles from 1998 and earlier are eligible for up to 12 months of free STM bus/metro passes and other rewards through the Clear The Air program.  The other rewards can include a csh discount of up to $1,500 toward the purchase of a newer Toyota vehicle according to information posted at


"My father started the business here in 1947," recounts Vincent who runs the business with two brothers and one sister.  "At one point Dad also had the only radio taxi service in Montreal.  Everybody in Ville St. Pierre knows us."  But at the same time, Vincent jokes about how many people drive the overpass between Montreal West and Ville St. Pierre without realizing there is a used car parts warehouse below the bridge.


Vincent hopes to reach out to new customers who fix their own vehicles.  And, he also wants customers to keep sending him their 'clunkers' to scrap and sell for parts.  "Ville St. Pierre is an easy drive from the West Island," he notes.


Centre de L'Auto Vincent Inc.

117 Vincent Ave., St. Pierre sector of Lachine,

(514) 364-5740

H8R 1H8